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Kids Gift Guide

Here are a few favorites (all made, sold, or created by a small business) if you’re looking to shop for a kid…

I could do so many versions of a Kids Gift Guide based on age and what various are into, but wanted to share a handful of things that feel special and fun that I am loving right now for kids in general. They are all designed, created, made or sold by small indie businesses, too, who need our support this holiday season!

Anne Kelle portrait prints ($20), Omy Magic-Do ($31), Chance Basketball ($30), Smokow Subscription Box ($50), Oh So Kind by Joy Cho ($10), MishMash Slime ($15), Jellycat Popcorn Bag ($35), Huckleberry DIY Flower Necklace Kit ($10), Yellow Owl Workshop DIY Pin Kit ($19), and The Mini Nugget ($59).


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