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Cool Online Shop: Imogene


At the Art Star Craft Bazaar this weekend, I came across a lovely new online shop called Imogene. They have a great selection of some of my favorite designers, as well as some others I’ve never heard of. Their booth was very well styled and completely drew me in. Based in Maryland, lucky for us…these goods are all available online.


{left to right, top to bottom: chris duncan 18 month open-ended planner, katherine koehler sponge brooch, alena hennessy rose flora scarf, and kate sutton happy birthday card.}


  1. they are actually not in baltimore, they are in clinton – which is in MD but south of DC. about an hour from bmore probably…

  2. thank you for coming out to philly despite the rain and clouds! we had TONS of fun. oh- and we are based in baltimore city by and by! xoxo,annie

  3. jsl, we do in fact call the fair city of Baltimore our home. We live a few blocks from Pete’s Grille. Ask for the mocha shake (chocolate with fresh coffee grounds); it’s great!


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