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happy long weekend + end of summer jig…



Happy Friday everyone! As a nod to our holiday weekend and nearing end of summer, here's a snapshot Bob took during our recent road trip when we were in Carmel by the Sea. Not sure what's happening, but I seem to be doing some sort of dorky little dance by the ocean? Looks like the river dance to me…ha! Thanks for all your blog birthday wishes this week and for bearing with all of the announcements going on lately. {I swear things will calm down soon.} Enjoy the long weekend and see you back here on Tuesday!

{photo by Oh Bob}


  1. oh how i love carmel by the sea! we used to go down 2 weekends a month and stay in a little rental when i was growing up. there’s a candy shop on the main street (ocean) that is still my favorite candy shop in the world. did you make it there? the fudge is to die for.


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