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happy friday + philly-bound!

Ruby and Coco

Ruby and Coco

Happy Friday guys! We're off to Philly this weekend to visit our parents and give our kids some good grandparent time in (my Dad will be meeting Coco for the first time!). It will be Coco's first flight and our first time traveling with both kids…ah, fingers crossed there are no major meltdowns.

I always look forward to our bi-annual trips home and getting back to my home town. For those of you in Philly, what's new/newish that we should check out? I'm open to any and all suggestions especially with food or fun things to do with the kids in the city.

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Good luck on the travels !! 🙂
    Oh man! You have have have to go to Bing Bing Dim Sum in s philly/east passyunk area. It just opened about a month ago, you’ll go crazy for it. We also got a new organic/grass fed burger place on Passyunk (p’unk burger) but I haven’t tried it yet.
    I’m hearing High Street on Market is great for brunch — they keep winning awards & are written up about their amazing baker + breads.
    Of course if you haven’t already, be sure to pop over to Little Baby’s ice cream (which is attached to a pizza shop + PIZZA MUSEUM). And the La Colombe flagship is worth a visit, its enormous and gorgeous.
    There should be lots of great easter stuff for kiddo’s this weekend too! Longwood Gardens is kicking off their season with lots of flowers.

  2. There’s a new boardwalk on the Schuylkill and a tasty Pho place called Stock on Girard near Frankford Ave. And although it’s not very new, if you’ve never been to Little Baby’s ice cream it is definitely worth a stop, it seems like it would be your jam for sure. Have fun!

  3. I second La Colombe. It’s amazing. We drive up from Wilmington just about every other weekend to go there on Sundays!

  4. I just came back from a Girls Weekend to Philly. We loved going to Federal Donuts (four locations) and Nom Wah Tea Parlor (opened this month). We tried to grab brunch at High Street on Market but the wait was too long on the weekend and had smaller space compared to their other restaurant, Fork, next door. So we grabbed a perfect Americano and pastry at Menagerie Coffee.

  5. I second the new boardwalk on the Schuylkill. Also, there’s a new Thai place called Thai Square at 25th/Christian, which is GREAT!

  6. Hi Joy! I think your family would love the gourmet dessert food truck, Sugar Philly! It was founded by a group of wonderful, young entrepreneurs including my best friend’s brother (John Suh). Here’s their link: Enjoy and Happy Easter! – Wendy 🙂

  7. I second Bing Bing Dim Sum on Passyunk Ave. Go close to when it opens (5p) to avoid a wait. Chhaya Cafe on Passyunk is also a great brunch place and there are always lots of kids. They specialize in a variety of waffles.

  8. There’s a really awesome Lego exhibit at the Franklin Institute but it might be mayhem on the weekend. La Colombe on Frankford is new and impressive but I personally hate how the ordering system is there. Across the street is Kensington Quarters, a butcher-shop/restaurant that is phenomenal. I only know stuff in Fishtown but we have (according to what I like to eat): Cedar Point – fried chicken and waffles, Kraftwork – breakfast flatbread, Lloyd’s – whiskey bar, Pizza Brain – pizza (obvs.) and Little Baby’s Ice Cream. These places aren’t necessarily new: Dim Sum Garden in Chinatown for soup dumplings, Cafe Soho for korean fried chicken, Le Viet on 11th and Washington streets for some great pho and other vietnamese goodness. Maybe I’ll think of some others…

  9. If you have time, try the new P’unk Burger on Passyunk in South Philly. Delicious grassfed burgers, milkshakes, Maine natural soda on tap… and delicious fries that make the kiddos swoon! Have a blast!

  10. dizengoff street on the 1600 block of sansom. michael solomonov’s place. same unearthly hummous and laffa bread as zahav, but in a casual setting. and you can top off the meal across the street at federal donuts. welcome back to philly family cho!

  11. Oh! I’m so excited for your dad to meet Coco for the very first time. He must be THRILLED!
    I wish you safe and uneventful (v. important :o) travels with your little ones, Joy!
    (I also wanted to chime in and totally recommend the Please Touch Museum! Ruby would lurve it for sure because she’s at the perfect age to enjoy!)

  12. Many of these have been suggested already…but my current Philly favs are:
    -La Colombe Fishtown (amazing)
    -Lego Exhibit at The Franklin Institute
    -Franklin Square (mini golf + stephen starr food stand)
    I think you know all the other greats…especially Terrain out by us in the burbs! Have fun!

  13. If you guys like hummus you have to check out dizengoff. It is unbelievable. Jose Garces also just opened up a new fish taco place that is ridiculously delicious. Hope you guys have an amazing trip. It’s finally starting to warm up a bit here.

  14. The Lego exhibit at the Franklin! Just went a few weeks ago, could have spent the entire day there. We recently tried Cheu on 10th St. A fun Ramen bar, my fiancé had a matzo ball in his!

  15. I second High Street for any meal (I’m partial to their beet cured salmon on their airy pretzel roll for bfast). I also second Stock and Bing Bing (on my list of places to go this month). Love the decor, sips & dishes at One Shot Cafe. Shane Candy (brought to you by the brothers who own Franklin Fountain) recently opened a petite hot chocolate cafe tucked in the back with unique chocolate drinks made by hand to order. PS & Co near rittenhouse for healthy, tasty bites (and nice design). Good King Tavern for a cozy meal. Ah so many options.

  16. Yaaaay for a Philly trip! My blog, Her Philly, is all about fun things to do in the city 🙂 My favorite thing recently: Amis for brunch! Enjoy your time with the fam. xx, Emily

  17. I love Coco’s head scarf in this picture! Can I ask where it is from? I’d love to get one for my little girl (2.5 months).


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