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a pom-pom living room!

a pom-pom living room

a pom-pom living room

Over here at Oh Joy, we love pom-poms so much that we wanted to show you how to infuse this whimsical look into your living room, too! It goes with just about any of your existing decor and works with any style of home. Here's how…

a pom-pom living room

If you have any empty and flat areas of your living room, simply affix a pom pom to it! No edge should go uncovered.

a pom-pom living room

Pom-poms are so versatile they can be sewn to rugs, attached to the side of your table, and used as a centerpiece in a bowl or terrarium.

a pom-pom living room

Tada! More is more when it comes to pom-poms! To read more about the history of pom poms, click here.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}


  1. I checked here specifically too see what April fool post there would be! I still laugh to myself if I picture Joy carrying her friend in a large bag! ? Always a cute April fool post!!

  2. that was a labor intensive gag for you and your team! i have to say that your AprilFools posts are the best!!!!


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