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Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room!

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room!

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room!

Guys, it’s very possible that I love bathrooms SO much because I’m about to show you a peek at another bathroom design that I am working on for my house with Cleo and her team at Project M+. I’m in the midst of toilets, sinks, and tiles a plenty, as we have finalized ALL of our bathroom designs before our main living spaces because all of those installed items (tiles, toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.) need to be ordered so much further in advance than furniture pieces. Here’s a look at this vintage-inspired powder room…

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room! / Inspiration

We were inspired by vintage eras (60’s mod and art nouveau) for this as well as European modern touches. I love seeking inspiration not just from homes but from others spaces like restaurants, hotels, and retail shops. Here are a couple from Senato Hotel in Milan (left) and a hair salon, Salon Delphine Courteille, in Paris (right, designed by Chloé Negre).

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room! / Vintage Gem Powder Room

We’ve been calling this powder room “a little jewel box with some vintage-inspired touches”. Wallpaper is key for me, as we plan to use it throughout the house. But there are places where you want to go classic with it, and some places where you can really go bold. Since this bathroom is small and simple in structure, it allowed us the opportunity to go bold with the wallpaper to set the tone of the room. Here’s a look at some of the materials we’re using…

1. Wallpaper option by Calico (see the others below), 2. Brass toilet lever from Wayfair, 3. Brass inlay cement tile floor by Tabarka Studio,  4. countertop from Caesarstone, 5. Brass pull for the vanity by Emtek. Plus a toilet and sink from Wayfair, Brass plumbing fixtures by Newport Brass from Ferguson, arched mirror from Rejuvanation, and sconce by Cedar & Moss all shown below.

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room! / Wallpaper Study 1

Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room! / Wallpaper Study 2 Oh Joy! Builds A House: Vintage-Inspired Powder Room! / Wallpaper Study 3

In looking at wallpapers that could make a statement but really make this jewel box bathroom come to life, here are a few options I love. Which one is YOUR favorite?

Wallpaper option 1 by Calico, Wallpaper option 2 by Taylor Sterling for Lulu & Georgia, Wallpaper option 3 by Anewall.

Check out my post over at Architectural Digest’s Clever for my tips on things to consider when adding wallpaper to a bathroom.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Construction by Boswell Construction, Architecture, Interiors, and interior renderings by Project M+, all other layouts by Joy Cho.} 


  1. ONE will look different every time you walk in the room. I think it will be the one to provide the impact you’re looking for as well as longevity. Really excited to see these house posts and can’t wait to see inside!

  2. Option 1 is my favorite and what I would pick for my own powder room. That being said, I’m sure any of them would look wonderful! 🙂

  3. i feel like i am one of the few but #3 jumped out to me right away. i love how the tree is growing out of the toilet tank 🙂

  4. Option one! The wallpaper ties everything together nicely. It matches the base board tiles the best out of the three.

  5. I feel like option one fits well with your girls and your personailty. Optional one caught my eye right away.

  6. I LOVE option 3. I also like option 1, but since it’s just a powder bath, why not use a bright fun color like that pink! It’s both classy and fun which I love. 🙂

  7. My gut says #1 ? I’m kind of shocked at myself bc I normally go for a bolder color and/or graphic (which would be #3). I can’t help it though. Option 1 is so dreamy! Definitely befitting a “jewel box” LOVE

  8. I love #1.
    It’s so fun to follow along. We’re doing a whole house remodel and living in the house
    :-O. Knowing just a little about construction and nothing about design, I’ve learned a lot working with our design and build team. For our company they order the tile for the bathroom last and closer to the install date because they want to make sure they have enough of it and are worried if they order it too early the dye lot will be different if they need to order more for some reason. Just something to think about. Most all of our stuff that could be ordered early was and then was stored in our company’s warehouse so it was ready to go when they needed it. The countertop had to wait until the cabinets were installed and now Caesarstone is backordered for some colors. Eeks. So the floors will go in early and will get covered ask they finish the house. They noticed recently the windows were not all the same height. There’s a 3/8″ difference and two windows were ripped out today and are being reinstalled and the stucco and bellyband will be redone. Eeks! The adventures of a build/remodel!

  9. I love the boldness of #3 and think it would be a fun surprise for guests when they visit your home for the first time. However, #1 has more staying power and feels the best overall. I think I would be itching to change the other two after a shorter amount of time.

  10. I love all three! I think #1 would flow so nicely from the rest of the house, no matter what styles there are! Can’t go wrong with any though!

  11. I feel like I’m in the minority here, but my gut reaction was option 2 by a mile. I get why people like option 1, but option 2 just feels more whimsical? Like it’s out of a bok or something. So I’d say go with your gut. Your house!

  12. Thanks Kari!
    All great tips and yes, we are ordering overages of 10-20% for tiles and storing them as they arrive!
    Can’t wait to hear how your project turns out!

  13. I think 2 is pretty… that Art Deco look! ..And 3 is beautiful and bright and colorful. I love color … lots of color and bright. Sorry. I think 1 is too boring. But whichever you choose, it will look gorgeous .

  14. Love all the details! #3 is super FUN but option #1 is ultra chic and timeless. Im going through my first remodeling adventure w/ a full bath right now and thought it would be fun to have all rose gold hardware from Kohler…started the project in Oct. of last year and Kohler had a handful of items back ordered until last week.

  15. OH MY STARS option #3 is so gorgeous!!! That’s my favorite but option #1 is a very close second! That one is so dreamy & magical!

  16. My first thought looking at option 1 is a plumbing problem. It looks like a pattern you’d see when water gets into the drywall. Perhaps it is just the rendering but that was my first thought.

  17. 1 and 3! Option 1 if the bathroom is California-small, but option 3 if the bathroom is NYC-small. I personally would want more space between myself and the wall to enjoy option 1 — it kind of feels like outer space, so you want to take it all in. Option 3 would make you feel like you’re literally walking into a pink jungle closet, which would be awesome! I love the mockups of the space. You guys at Oh Joy! are the best.


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