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beautiful and functional pieces for the kitchen…

beautiful and functional pieces for the kitchen / oh joy!

beautiful and functional pieces for the kitchen / oh joy!

Our kitchen is currently being installed so slowly (but surely), I'll have a new kitchen to make memories in! As I've been purging and sorting through our kitchen supplies to get ready to start packing, I've unearthed so many pieces that I've had and used for 10 years or more. There are some pieces that I use almost every day, and some that I haven't touched in years. Moving can be SO painful, but I'm excited to purge and keep only the things we really need. And, after living in the same place for 9 years with the same kitchen pieces, it will be nice to refresh with some quality pieces that can last us another decade. Here are a few of my favorite, beautiful, and functional pieces to use in the kitchen. These also make great housewarming gifts or as a treat to yourself!

1. Great Jones Dutchess in blue ($145) is a gorgeous and timeless piece that comes in a bunch of beautiful colors, 2. Year & Day bowls ($52/set of 4) make for a beautiful upgrade for your everyday meals, 3. Year & Day gold flatware ($280 for 20 pieces) because when's the last time you had a full set of matching flatware?, 4. Milo skillet ($65) is a classic and modern version of an always-needed cast iron pan, 5. Year & Day infinite candle ($60) is housed in a beautiful ceramic jar that can be refilled over and over again, 6. Great Jones Big Deal ($95) is a beautiful update to a stainless steel pot that will complement your favorite recipes.


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