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what are you waiting for?

what are you waiting for? / via oh joy!

what are you waiting for? / via oh joy!

Do you know what stops us all from achieving our goals, our next big accomplishment, or that thing we’ve been wanting to do forever but haven’t? It’s the feeling that the timing needs to be just right. Or that our website has to be PERFECT. Or that we need to have just the right amount of savings in our bank account to be able to make it happen. 

One of the things I always emphasize in any class I teach, any talk I give, or any chat I might have with any one of you is….there is never a perfect time, place, state, or even a "perfect us" that we need in order to make these things happen. Your desire for it has to be great, and then you can take that first step knowing that your imperfect step is better and bolder than waiting and waiting too long for perfection.
So, what are you waiting for? 
Oh, and have a Happy Friday!
{Photo by Casey Brodley. Written by Joy Cho}


  1. So timely to read this. I had been wanting to start a blog as a side creative outlet while being a stay-home mom to my four little kids. But for the longest time I was so so scared – I’m not good in front of the camera, my style and my voice isn’t unique enough compared to other moms etc etc, are all the fears I had in my own head. But finally I gathered up enough courage to just do it, and not compare myself anymore to other people. It’s still a bit scary but I’m proud that I started to take these baby steps.


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