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Quirky Gifts for a Mother Figure in Your Life

A few favorites to wear or use at home to inspire the simple joys of everyday…

There’s always an endless array of options for gifts to celebrate the mom or mother figure in your life. This year, I decided to focus on some quirkier pieces (all $50 or under) that she can wear or use in her home to inspire the simple joys of everyday!

1. Picnic Weather Hoops* ($48), 2. Morse Studio Planter ($54), 3. Lateral Objects Gradient Glasses ($45 each), 4. CMY Cube ($20), 5. Cloche from Lockwood ($33), 6. Yui Brooklyn Candles* ($15), 7. Chunks Jelly Hair Claw* ($18), 8. Whiled Puzzle* ($37).

*Supports a BIPOC artist, maker, or business



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