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Diverse Kids’ Books (Part 6)

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

Books are a great way to show our kids a broad range of experiences, families, and situations to share stories that our kids may not get to see in real life. In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

One. Lala’s Words by Gracie Zhang – A beautifully illustrated book shows the light in Lala as she visits the plants on her busy city neighborhood block. This books reminds us all to remember to look for beauty, make new friends, and don’t be afraid to get dirty!

Two. Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña; illustrated by Christian Robinson – CJ and his nana ride the bus to serve at a soup kitchen. Along the way, when CJ has complaints or wishes his life were different, his Nana reminds him to look around, learn new things, appreciate the opportunities they do have, and look for the positive.

Three. Sisters Better Together by Alice & Doris Lieu – A fun reminder that sisters are amazing friends and should be cherished. This book is wonderfully illustrated with all different kinds of sisters and helps you to see the power of a sister – even when you’re arguing! A great gift for the sisters – biological or chosen – in your life.

Four. Book of Careers Vol. 2 Dads – Dads can be anything – from an astronaut to a nurse to a stay-at-home dad. Learn all about careers in Spanish or Mandarin with the Habbi Habbi books and practice your language skills.

Five. A Kids Book About Being Transgender by Gia Parr – This book provides a great way to open a conversation and start to help your kids (and yourself) better understand being transgender. Gia walks us through her story and uses clear and helpful language to educate you on what being transgender means, how to talk about it, and how to be kind and inclusive to all people.

Six. Lunch Lady Magazine – This fun magazine from Australia is perfect for the family! It has great tips for caregivers, fun activities for the family to do together, and introduces new and important people, books and ideas from around the world. Check out an issue to see for yourself (and it’s always fun to have an international magazine in the house!)

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  1. Would you mind re-sharing the link for the book about a girl’s bento box lunch? I want to buy it for a friend’s classroom!


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