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Diverse Kids Books (Part 8)

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

01. A World for Me and You Where Everyone is Welcome
Written by Uju Asika; Illustrated by Jennie Poh
This book reminds all of us that the world is full of difference and diversity. I love how at the end, the reader is given tips about how to make the world a kinder place and what to do to be more inclusive.

02. Stella Keeps the Sun Up
Written by Clothilde Ewing; Illustrated by Lynn Gaines
Stella wants to keep the sun up forever so she never has to go to sleep again! This book is full of fun antics of a young and confident Black girl who wears what she wants and does everything she can to have the sun stay shining (and with her cute hippo pal, Roger).

03. History is Delicious (a book by Honest History)
Written by Joshua Lurie; Drawn by Laura Foy
Get ready to be hungry! This book highlights many dishes of different countries around the world. There are also fun tips about etiquette and rules for dining in different cultures and countries. There are also some fun recipes if you want to try something at home.

04. A Kids Book About Diversity
By Charnaie Gordon
This series is so amazing (which was why I was so excited to be part of it!) and helps to break down hard concepts for kids and their grown ups to understand. This installments shares an easy way to talk about what diversity is, how we can all celebrate it, and why we should all celebrate it.

05. Ready for the Spotlight
By Jamie Kim
If you have a sister—or your kids have siblings—this book is for you! Older sister, Maya, has been in ballet for longer than younger sister Tessie, so she is always in the spotlight. But they have so much to learn from each other and end up supporting one another. A beautiful message in a fun dance story.

06. Becoming Vanessa
By Vanessa Brantley-Newton
This story is perfect for kids facing first-day jitters or worried about being special. Vanessa learns that just by being herself, she has something special to share with the world.

07. I Am Golden
Written by Eva Chen; Illustrated by Sophie Diao
This book is written to a young Chinese child whose parents have immigrated to the United States seeking a better life for their family. It brings beauty and dignity to the child while reminding her of who she is because of her family. This book would be incredible for a newly immigrated child finding their ways in the US, but also for all children to better understand and empathize with each other.

08. I Love My GlamMa
Written by Samantha Berger; Illustrated by Sujean Rim
Calling all grandmothers – buy this book immediately! It’s such a fun celebration of all the different types of grandmothers there are and how each one is perfectly fabulous. Such a fun read!

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