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Weekend Links

Happy Weekend!

School’s out for summer! What are your plans? Here are some things I wanted to share with you this week…

School ended this week for us, and we celebrated with a day at DisneyLand! What are your plans for the summer? Here are some other fun (and important) things I found this week…

Wanting to travel but those airline ticket prices making you feel faint?! Try Google’s Arts & Culture page to visit museums around the world from home. One of my favorites is the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

An important read—why is there a luxury tax on diapers? Join the movement to change it!

Everyone’s favorite Tabitha Brown FINALLY has a line coming out at Target this weekend!

If you’re in LA – get tickets for the opening day of F L O W (which is fun for families, too!).

If you’re wanting some inspiration for finding activities and getting crafty this summer, check out the craft room we had for my daughters when we first moved in to the house. I love a dedicated space to being creative and as a way to spend down time away from screens.


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