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Oh Joy! is 17

Oh Joy! is 17! Here’s a look back…

Every year September rolls around which tends to be a busy and chaotic month for me with kids going back to school and work being in a busier season. And every year, I almost forget to celebrate the amazing feat that Oh Joy! is another year older. I’ve survived work-from-dining-room home offices, birthing and raising kids, studio malfunctions, contract terminations, growing and scaling back the team, three big moves, a global pandemic, huge disruptions to the shipping and manufacturing chains, health scares, money woes, and almost every other thing you can think of! But I (along with my amazing team, past and present) also survived lots of amazing successes and wins too which includes product collaborations with amazing partners, seven published books, fun and exciting brand campaigns, a new home studio (featured on the cover of Domino!), more boba treats than we should admit to, and an incredible amount of fun and growth in the process.

We are SO GRATEFUL to you for being here, supporting our small business, and following along for all the adventures. As we toast seventeen years of this incredible journey, we remember fondly where we’ve been and excited to share with you where we’re going!

It’s fun to look back on how my work space has evolved as my business evolved…from home office (a few of those), to outside studio (a couple of those), to back home again. Here’s a fun look back at past and present Oh Joy Studios…

Current Oh Joy! Studio photo by Bethany Nauert from the Oh Joy Dining Room – 2020 to present
Oh Joy! 2.0 Studio photo by Tessa Neustadt of Joy’s Executive Office – 2017-2020
Our First “Official” Studio photo by Zeke Ruelas blog reveal here – 2013-2017
Oh Joy! Home Office In LA photo by David Tsay. in Coco’s Nursery – 2009-2013
Oh Joy! Home Office in Philly see all the details here – 2005-2009

This past year included another year of the pandemic that meant our supply chains were still slowed which affected lots of our partners and partnerships, but we had the release of some of my favorite projects. We sold through through our first round of A Kids Book About Confidence so quickly, and now we’re waiting for our 2nd batch to arrive! Our first foray into women’s fashion with our collection with the ODells was a huge success thanks to your support. I loved getting to dive into fashion and have you put a little piece of Oh Joy into your wardrobe. We’re thinking fashion should become a bigger part of the Oh Joy brand so stay tuned for more 🙂 Our on-going collaborations with Hygge and West (ten years strong), Cle Tile, and Mixbook are still thriving thanks to your support.

We can’t wait to see what year eighteen brings and also to finally reveal some new projects we’re still working on and cooking up. In the meantime, our sincerest thank you to all our faithful readers and friends all over the internet. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we don’t take that for granted. It’s your celebration today too, so don’t forget to treat yourself to some boba ;)!


  1. congratulations Joy! you’re such a bright (and colorful) place on the internet, thanks for sharing that with us all! grateful to have been following along all these years, and to be able to support Oh Joy along the way! 🎉🎉🎉

  2. Huge congratulations Joy, to you and your team. Keep spreading loveliness across the inter-webs and offline. A pleasure to follow you all these years, here’s to more of your success x


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