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Happy Cinco de Mayo Weekend!

Some fun things we found for you…

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Ours was a fairly “normal” week, but it felt so busy! We’ve got a full weekend of friends, activities, and sports ahead of us. We hope if you’re celebrating this weekend, you stay safe and have fun. And if you need a refresher about Cinco de Mayo, check this out.

Mother’s Day is on the 14th. Here are some thought starters.

(Father’s Day is on June 18th. Does anyone have any idea that aren’t socks and ties?)

Love these jewelry boxes.

If you’re into fashion (and fashion critiques), check out @diet_prada. Their Met Gala coverage is always so fun, and also insightful.

The Boss family wrote a book together. We miss you, Twitch.

There’s something humbling about being older than the internet.

This month, shop AAPI brands highlighted at Target.

Willie Nelson is 90 and still singing.

Make trash cans cute again!

And finally, here are some Oh Joy! things to be aware of:
*Final call for One-on-One coaching spots for the month of May (only one left)!
*Our Rockport shoes are starting to sell out in some sizes. Grab them while you can!
*I have a new Substack out called Crazy.Mad.Joy. which I am loving!



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