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Part 5 – Inclusive Sizing in Vintage

Here are some tips and brands that are more size inclusive when it comes to vintage so anyone can feel confident about exploring vintage more…

Tips for Shopping the Rosebowl Flea Market / Oh Joy!

Back in December, we did a post with some of my favorite brands that carry inclusive sizes, and we have heard from many of you how especially hard it is to find more size options in vintage clothes. This is a very common complaint that deters many from exploring vintage in a way that they want to. But I’m here to give some tips and introduce you to shops that are more size inclusive when it comes to vintage so anyone can feel confident about exploring vintage more…

Turn a Vintage Scarf into a Necklace

All Sizes Accessories
When it comes to vintage, I always recommend starting with accessories if you don’t feel comfortable wearing head-to-toe vintage. Remember to also keep this in mind because accessories can have inclusive sizes. Finding a great vintage scarf, bag, or bracelet looks amazing on anyone in any size. Also, some clothing pieces like dusters and caftans are often listed as one size and can suit a range of bodies.

Using Search Functions to Your Advantage
When searching online, sites like Ebay, Etsy, or Gem (which is like the Google search of vintage), many brands that intentionally carry inclusive sizes will have it called out in their listing. Search “plus size vintage” along with the item you’re looking for (ie. “plus size vintage skirt”) to help narrow down your search. From there, you’ll still need to look at measurements on the listing to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Knowing your basic measurements and what types of pieces make you feel great will be helpful when you need to narrow things down, especially online. See more of those tips in our previous Part 4 post and see our vintage team post (featuring Courtney above).

90’s Denim Dress from BurningMagVintage

Styles That Suit You
Back in the 90’s, there was a plethora of mall brands that catered towards plus sizing, and now many of those styles are vintage (how old does that make me feel right now!?). So you’ll often come across an abundance of size options from that period of time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find items from other eras, too.

Inspiration to Follow
Look out for people to follow on Instagram who regularly shop and share vintage finds. Some of my faves include Christina Winklemann, Chubby Dust Bunny, and XO Threads by Alyssa (shown above). While you won’t always be able to purchase the vintage piece that anyone else has (unless the person you’re following sells vintage), you can get inspiration for items from others whose style you love. Say you see someone who came across an amazing pair of floral pants that you’d want to wear. You may not be able to find hers, but you can go and search online sites and see what’s similar out there in your size. Vintage is about getting inspired and then making it your own.

Dress from PinkTulleVintage

Plus Size Vintage Shops
Here’s a list of online vintage and consignment shops who focus on Inclusive Sizes. Check them out, save, follow, and start to gather your library of brands that you love since their inventory will always change:
XO Threads
Found For Us Plus
Chubby Fem Thrift
Fatties Vintage
Consign Your Curves
Plus Bus 

Also, I’m always saving current finds I love on Etsy in a range of sizes!

Vintage shopping can take some work and patience to find those pieces that are right for you, no matter your size. And while it seems from lots of your feedback and comments that plus size bodies have been excluded from the conversation and the category in the past, there are more and more shops and curators working to make sure that every body is included and can shop fun vintage pieces. Hopefully this list of shops and influencers is just the start of your journey to finding more and more vintage for your closet!

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